PB Large aka Get Ya Single Done Right is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Born on the beautiful streets of Nassau, Bahamas, he later moved to Miami at 6 years old. Already at the age of 9, he would make beats with his mouth.

He started making beats on a beat machine and a midi keyboard. Unknowingly, he had discovered his destiny. He answered a calling which led him to be the Super Producer you see before you today.

His major influences include Dr. Dre, Timbaland, and Just Blaze. In 2003, he built Da Crib Studios and created his label Da Crib Entertainment. Rick Ross, Gunplay, Flo-Rida, JW (CTE), Desloc Piccalo, Bush Wick Bill (Ghetto Boys), Brisco, and Billy Blue are among the array of artists he has worked with. His current artists include L-Teck da Tech and Vulcha Smooth.

His music is described as the indisputable truth by all who hear it. You cannot help but hear his thoughts.  He pours his heartfelt emotions, whether it is joy or sadness, onto each and every track. His raw talent and genius is indubitable.
He is currently working on JW (CTE) album and Vulcha Smooth’s new mixtape. He also raps, acts, and directs many videos. His future goals include winning many Grammy’s and building Da Crib Entertainment into a Fortune 500 company.…YESSS



Coming from the rough streets of Bronx, New York by way of the Dominican Republic, L-Tech Da Teck is no stranger to hard work. He has been doing music for 12 years now. His passion and dedication to music started at a young age. At the age of 13, he won his first talent show performing lyrics he wrote over the Method Man and Redman "Blackout" instrumental.  He later moved to North Miami, FL where he signed with the indie label Da Crib Entertainment founded by Phat Boy Beats.

Being bilingual enables him to bring diversity to Pop music that no other artists has done before. His influences include but are not limited to Jay-Z, Eminem, and Biggie. As a child he listened to Vico C, El General, Fulanito, Sandy y Papo. His library of eclectic music includes Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, R&B, Pop, Classic Rock,and Alternative Rock. His life experiences are what motivate him to write music. These experiences seep through his lyrics yet still manage to keep his music fun and energetic. 
"I can do a Rap song relating to someone from the hood; because that's where I'm from. I 
grew up in the projects. I didn't have it easy; but I'm a fun open minded person.

His East Coast influence, mixed with Latin Caribbean spice, and served 
on Southern grit makes his music an undeniable success.Currently, you can download his First Official Mixtape called "Teckenomics" on and Within the first week, it received over 2,500 downloads which is a testament to how much his fans are in love with his music. It was also 
awarded "Hot Mixtape of the Week" by Current singles include "Shut
Up" featuring S.O. Certified and Phat Boy Beats and "Let's Get It". 

The next single will be "Who's Weave Is This" off of his well-received mixtape "Teckenomics". 
L-Tech Da Teck hopes to one day sell out stadiums all over the world. He wants to 
continue to make music that people from all walks of life can dance to and enjoy. His 
determination to bring something different and exciting to pop music will no doubt leave 
a mark that will not soon be forgotten....HEHEHEYYY!!!